This week, The Guardian shared a list of the most impactful climate actions chosen by climate scientists. As many of those scientists point out, individual actions can only go so far when what we really need is systemic change to drive a fast transition away from oil, gas, and coal.

Here are a few more actions that you can do to help weaken the power of big.

1. Protest! Disrupt! Be Loud!

It’s proven effective throughout history. And the cynical naysayers have been proven to be wrong.

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2. Slash your use of oil products like gasoline, methane, and plastic — or boycott them if you can.

And encourage others to do so, too.

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3. If there is a candidate who is ready to fight for climate action, support them.

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4. Boycott news media that takes oil advertising money.

Including Bloomberg, The Economist, the Financial Times, New York Times, Politico, Reuters, and the Washington Post.

Outlets rejecting fossil fuel ads include The Guardian, Vox Media (Vox, New York Magazine), Inside Climate & Heat Map.


5. If your job is connected to big oil, quit. Or better yet, leak info to reputable journalists or become a whistleblower.

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6. Talk about climate day-to-day, and spread the facts.

If you don’t tell people you care, they will assume you don’t. But if you talk to them, they’ll start to care and act, too.

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7. If your area doesn’t have a climate group, start one.

Local action is visible and powerful. There are hundreds of US chapters of, Sunrise Movement, Xtinction Rebellion, Citizens Climate Lobby, and other groups. If there’s not one near you, this is your sign…

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