A Note From McKay: The Heat And The Silence

By: Adam McKay

Do you hear that sound?

Of course you don’t.

It’s a sonic boom of silence from our leaders and institutions in response to an actual time of global climate breakdown.

Fires, dangerous record-breaking heat waves, flash floods, tornadoes, you name it and the world is being hit with it faster and faster.

But the President and other world leaders are mostly silent.

No climate emergency is being declared.

The oil CEOs are not being told “enough is enough.”

Even the media is still reporting this dramatic spike in warming without connecting it all to its direct cause: fossil fuels.

It’s really remarkable.

Even in our movie Don’t Look Up, the fictional President played by Meryl Streep addresses the nation about the incoming comet.

Yes, it was a terrible speech but she gave the speech.

Joe Biden hasn’t given one single primetime address about the greatest threat in human history.

How are we accepting this?

Clearly we’ve got to be bolder. And give more. And try different things.

As it gets hotter and hotter in the next months which the science says it will, we need to get louder and louder.

They always say “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.”

But this time it’s the heat.

And the silence.